About Us

The BNG Landcare Network has a membership of 18 Landcare and other groups, generally located across those areas of the Victorian Shires of Buloke and Northern Grampians that lie within the North Central Catchment Management Authority region.

It is roughly centered on both the catchments of the Avon- Richardson River System, and the catchments of the Upper and Middle Avoca River. The Network’s purpose is to support community-based Landcare, and the building of sustainable, rural communities and a healthy, diverse and productive environment.

While its primary membership is Landcare groups, the Network works with many other groups, organisations and individuals with their work to undertake and promote:

  • best practice land, water and resource management
  • sustainable and profitable farming
  • environmental stewardship and conservation
  • community health and well-being

Our Vision

Capable, well connected, well resourced, well supported independent, autonomous groups united in a community of practice, engaged in all levels of natural resource management, and actively participating in bringing about positive resource condition change.

Our Mission

To provide the structure and pathways that will ensure all member groups within the network area have equitable access to support, information and resources; allowing groups to contribute positively to resource condition change, and to the development and self-determination of their own communities.